mai 29, 2015

FLASHBACK 2014: Puppet's Meeting - Scenography Exhibition (Photo Gallery)

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Puppet's Meeting - 400 dolls were exhibited in the largest exhibition of scenography made untill now.

mai 25, 2015

FLASHBACK 2014: Creative Workshops

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Five creative workshops for kids and young people, took place during the seven days of festival:
Puppet’s Factory, by Geo Dinescu
- the workshop was about transforming a simple ball in a doll with the help of some random accessories. This way the kids discovered the magic of combining objects.
Me, the Puppet by Clara Dărînga Râşnovanu
-  making masks of papier-mache, inspired from commedia dell'arte. Each mask had expression, creativity, emotion and message.
 My story by Clara Dărînga Râşnovanu
- in this workshop the kids build decor models from recyclable materials starting from a Romanian story, reinforcing the idea that you can have your home theater.
Digital Puppets, by Marin Fagu
- dolls made a giant step from stage to screen and the mediator of  this transformation is not just the actor, it is the digital animation.
Bee with whistles and stories, by Beatrice Iordan and Florin Iordan,  Hopa-Trop Company, Bucharest
- a friendly workshop for small kids so they can get familiar with Romanian traditional instruments, with folk tale, which combines fragments of theater, music, games, dancing and improvisation.

mai 18, 2015


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Curious about last year Puppets Parade? 
Check this photos to get the big picture of the event :)

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